Getting ready for your drive to Mexico? Dreading the long drive across the border with your kids in the back asking you a million questions? To help you on your way and keep up the excitement about your trip to Mexico; we’ve put together some fun and interesting facts about Mexico to keep you and your kids intrigued on your journey!

Interesting Facts about Mexico for you and your kids!

Interesting Facts about Mexico: Chilies Chocolate and Corn

Some of our favorite foods were introduced to us by Mexico

Our first interesting fact has to be about food! Mainly because the food in Mexico is SO delicious, because of this it’s no surprise that our friends across the border introduced us to some of our favorite foods. Chocolate, chilies and corn are just a few of the awesome foods that Mexico introduced to the world.


Mexico has the world’s smallest volcano!

That’s right, Mexico’s smallest volcano, Cuexcomate, stands at just 13 meters tall and is situated in Puebla city. Don’t worry though, this mini-cano is inactive so you can happily and safely walk up this little mound of molten rock with your family. You can even go down into the volcano via a spiral staircase. An interesting and very different sight to see for the average tourist! Although, we would not recommend doing this if you get claustrophobic.


Interesting Facts about Mexico: Biodiversity

Mexico has a very diverse environment

This interesting fact will be great to get the whole family excited about the amazing and diverse environment you are about to venture into: Mexico is one of the top five countries in terms of biodiversity. This means that Mexico has plenty of amazing habitats and incredible natural environments for you to and your family to discover on your trip to Mexico.

See a huge variety of wildlife in their natural habitats as you explore the awe-inspiring rain forests, mountains and deserts. And with International Biological Diversity Day just around the corner (22 May) it’s a great fact to raise awareness of the importance of protecting these environments to your children.

Remember to always explore safely and with respect for the nature surrounding you.

This interesting fact brings us nicely to our next one…


Interesting Facts about Mexico: Forest

Almost 34% of Mexico’s land area is covered with forest

It is no wonder Mexico has such a vibrant and diverse range of wildlife as almost 34% of it’s land area is covered with forest. These forests are home to a huge variety of native animals from Spider Monkeys to the Mexican Grey Wolf.


Mexican law is based on Napoleonic Code where guilt prevails over the presumption of innocence

One of the most important interesting facts about Mexico is this one: Mexican law is based on Napoleonic Code where guilt prevails over the presumption of innocence. This is why it is SO important to buy Mexican Auto Insurance if you are driving your own vehicle into Mexico. Drivers are legally required to have Mexican vehicle insurance, without it you are at the mercy of the Mexican court of law. Luckily, you can get your insurance quickly and simply, online with XBorderAuto. Get your free quote now.


Interesting Facts about Mexico: Time Zones

Mexico uses four time zones

This interesting fact is a must know if you’re traveling to Mexico!

Did you know that Mexico uses four time zones?

So, make sure you do your research before you travel and change your watch time as you drive through each time zone. Don’t be caught out!


Mexico City is actually sinking

Mexico City is beautiful, with so many different attractions and great places to eat, but did you know the city is actually sinking? Yes this is interesting fact about Mexico number 7!

Having been built in the middle of a lake that had been formed in a volcanic crater, Mexico City has sunk approximately 10 meters in the past century alone. The Aztecs built the city in the middle of the lake in around 1352 as the water made the city easy to defend and gave them seemingly infinite amounts of water and food. We guess they weren’t planning on having the huge (and heavy) high-rise buildings you see in the city today.


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