Taking that amazing drive from the US to Mexico City for a short vacation? Mexico City is a big place so we took a road trip down there to bring you our favorite eateries, adventures and top locations to experience Mexico’s incredible culture and history; from lunching on a beautiful balcony looking over the Zocalo to cheering on the Technicos at the Lucha Libre wrestling, we had an amazing time! So, without further ado, here are the best places to eat and visit to ensure you get the most out of your Mexico City travel adventure.

Where to eat on your Mexico City travel tour:

Get ready for a taste of Mexico with our top places to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner while exploring Mexico City:


For the best brunch in town visit El Cardenal Alameda. Despite it’s location (in the Hilton hotel) this is restaurant offers authentic Mexican delights from chilaquiles to vanilla concha. One of our personal favorites is the Huevos a la Veracruzana, this is dish we have searched far and wide for online and there are hardly any clear recipes to be found! Essentially it’s fried tortillas, Mexican bean sauce all topped off with delicious scrambled egg. If anyone has a good recipe, we implore you to share it with us!

You may want to call ahead and reserve a table – they get pretty busy over the weekends, we’ve seen queues out the door!


Take in the city over a long lunch on the balcony of El Balcon del Zocalo.

Enjoy gourmet dishes looking out at the main square and the incredible cathedral of Mexico city. El Balcon del Zocalo offer traditional Mexican food with a contemporary twist. Enjoy their unique dishes with the local wine from Guadalupe Valley or, even better, choose their tasting menu which pairs each dish with a delicious wine to suit.

The service is impeccable so if you’re undecided on what kind of dish you fancy simply ask for a recommendation and they are more than happy to suggest something. So if you’re looking for a lunch or evening meal that truly takes it to the next level this restaurant is a MUST. 


For beautiful dishes both visually and in terms of flavour visit La Capital, your taste buds may not forgive you if you don’t!

This place blew us away with it’s lively atmosphere, knowledegable and friendly staff, fantastic variety of dishes all of which we assume would taste delicious based on what we ate there…

We ordered a range of dishes to have a taste of everything from fish tacos to the stone soup, all followed by unforgettable fresh and fruity cocktails and exquisite desserts. All dishes were presented beautifully and the bill was a very reasonable price.

What to do on your Mexico City travel tour:

Just taking a short break to Mexico City? Here are our top three attractions and experiences for you to visit while on your trip:

Mexico City Travel Experiences and attractions

Metropolitan Cathedral (Catedral Metropolitana)

Visit the Metropolitan Cathedral to get some culture and history while on your Mexico City travel tour. This incredible cathedral is one of the largest in Latin America and is situated right on the main square, making it very hard to miss on your trip! Admire the incredible architecture and intricate design while marveling at it’s impressive size.

Make sure you have plenty of time to explore as there is plenty to see, from the ornate golden altar to the pendulum in it’s center that measures the building’s movement over time. It’s an incredible and interesting place to visit, what’s more, it’s actually free to get in! We recommend going early in the morning as it can get quite busy.

Lucha Libre: Mexican Wrestling

Lucha Libre is essentially Mexico’s version of WWE, this colorful and exciting tradition is truly a spectacle to behold! There are three main arenas you can visit to watch the Lucha Libre, we would personally recommend the Arena Mexico and to get your tickets before you go. Once you’re at the arena there are plenty of food stalls to grab something to eat before the entertainment begins. There are also LOADS of memorabilia stalls so you can pick up some goodies to remember your trip or take back home as fun gifts for your friends and family.

Whether you’re cheering for the Tecnicos, or the Rudos you’ll be sure to get caught up in the action and have a fantastic time!

Salon Tenampa

Although this is technically a bar/restaurant we’ve included Salon Tenampa in our ‘What to do’ section because of their amazing Mariachi music (and huge tequila menu)! Going to see a Mariachi band is a key experience when traveling Mexico and Salon Tenampa is THE place to see not just one but many! Founded in 1925 this festive salon is steeped in history, color and Mexican tradition.The bar is full of music, singing and dancing and is truly an experience to remember (or not depending on how many tequilas you’ve had). Make sure you put this lively bar at the top of your to do list!

Mexico City offers a wealth of history, adventure and incredible places to eat, so on your road trip be sure to include this on your list of destinations. For more AMAZING places to visit on your travels around Mexico read Visit Mexico: Must see Attractions. Or looking for somewhere to relax after your Mexico City trip? Check out our guide to the Best Beaches to Visit in Mexico.

Have you been on your own Mexico City travel tour? Let us know! We would love to hear where you ate and what you explored while visiting this amazing city… who knows, we may also even add your recommendation to this article! Get in touch: info@xborderauto.com

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