Driving to Mexico for a vacation or a business trip?

You must have Mexican Auto Insurance
before you start your journey.

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XBorderAuto Provides the Legal Protection and Coverage You Need to Drive in Mexico.

Why do you need Mexican Auto Insurance?

Drivers are legally required to have Mexican Auto Insurance. Get the comprehensive coverage you need to protect you and your vehicle during your trip to Mexico.

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We offer Mexican vehicle insurance products of ANA Seguros. Who are a Mexican insurance company specializing in Mexican vehicle insurance. They have more than 20 years of experience in insurance and have 43 offices nationwide. Their trained and specialized personnel provide 24-hour service all year.

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Vital Travel Tips

Driving in Mexico image Driving in Mexico

Driving conditions in Mexico are often very different from the US or Canada. For your safety, you must drive slowly and cautiously.

Travel in Mexico image Travel in Mexico

Once you have your essential auto insurance for Mexico you can enjoy traveling a beautiful and vibrant country; with its architectural wonders, sunny beaches and sacred sites, located just over the border Mexico is a top destination to drive through and explore.

Mexican Insurance Information image Mexican Auto Insurance Information

Under Mexican law, motorists must have Mexican auto insurance to be considered fully covered for any damages done to a vehicle or passengers, even if you are not at fault.

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Complete our simple online form to get an idea of what Mexican Auto Insurance is going to cost. If you have any questions during the quote process, you can email us at info@xborderauto.com.

Mexican Auto Insurance is a legal requirement when driving your vehicle into Mexico. You must have a minimum of liability insurance. You will stay safe and protected with Mexican Auto Insurance from XBorderAuto.

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What do I do if I’m involved in an Accident while in Mexico?

Mexican Auto Insurance Claim Image

Making a Mexican Auto Insurance Claim

Involved in an accident? Report the incident immediately after checking all occupants in the vehicle are safe.

Report your claim to ANA Seguros at 01-800-911-911-9. You must also report it to the Mexican Authorities.

When involved in an accident try to remain calm. Remember that you and other occupants of the vehicle are the most important. Have confidence that you are well protected by your Mexican vehicle insurance.

Please keep your policy available at all times. You will speak to a bilingual operator who will take important information when you report the incident.


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Who Needs Mexican Auto Insurance?

You need Mexican Auto Insurance if you are driving your own vehicle from the US across the border to Mexico.

Only Mexican Insurance policies are recognized in Mexico, so even if you have a US or Canadian auto insurance policy it will not be recognized while you’re in Mexico.

Whether you’re going on vacation to Mexico, a business trip or simply a short weekend away… You must buy Mexican Auto Insurance to ensure you are protected during your trip.

You can get your Mexican vehicle insurance quickly and easily online today from XBorderAuto.

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We’ve Got Your Mexican Insurance Questions Covered

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to find the answers to our most asked questions about Driving to Mexico and Mexican Auto Insurance. This page covers the essentials, from information about the police in Mexico to having a vehicle with two registered owners.

Remember, if you have any questions that we haven’t covered in our FAQ’s please do get in touch, we’re just an email away: info@xborderauto.com

Driving to Mexico: FAQs

We Offer More than Just Great Mexican Vehicle Insurance…

We don’t just offer brilliant Mexican Auto Insurance, we also give you great tips and information to prepare you for your trip to Mexico.

Our brilliant Mexico Travel Tips area offers an abundance of vital information that will keep you safe and ensure that you get the most out of your trip to Mexico.  This space is regularly updated to make sure you keep checking back to stay informed.

We answer all your questions about Mexican Auto Insurance and driving to Mexico on our FAQs page. Visit this page to discover the answers to our most popular questions.

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What Else do XBorderAuto Have to Offer?

Struggling to decide where to go and what to see on your trip? We’ve got it covered in our travel tips area. From the most amazing beaches in Mexico to a short break in Mexico City, find out about the best places to eat, drink and visit.

Want to know exactly how you can make your Mexican Vehicle Insurance claim with XBorderAuto? Simply visit our Claim page. We talk you through the steps you need to take to make your vehicle insurance claim while in Mexico. From the documents you need to make a claim to the information you need to take note of if you are involved in an accident.

Getting a Quote for Your Mexican Auto Insurance

XBorderAuto make getting your Mexican Auto Insurance simple with our online form.

Unlike most Mexican Auto Insurance our service is almost entirely online, this means no long waits on hold to sort out getting your insurance quote. Then having to wait some more to go ahead with buying your insurance. Being an online insurance provider also means we have less overheads which allows us to offer you Mexican Vehicle Insurance at a great price!

Our online form is quick and easy to complete, just enter the number of days you need to be covered for and enter your vehicle details (Make, model and actual cash value) to get your free quote. You will receive your quote immediately. You can then buy your Mexican auto insurance online straight away.

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