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Making a Mexican Auto Insurance Claim

If you are driving in Mexico and have an accident you must report it immediately. It does not matter who is at fault, you must report the incident and the auto insurance claim before you leave Mexico.

Report the accident to ANA Seguros at 01-800-911-911-9 and if it is possible to the Mexican Authorities.


Failing to report a claim before you leave Mexico, may affect your right to be indemnified according to the conditions of your policy. The company may have the right to deny coverage.

5 Key Points For Making Your Auto Insurance Claim:

  1. Ensure you keep all your important documents to hand in case of an accident, please see in more detail below
  2. The phone number to report a claim and dialing from Mexico is: 01-800-911-911-9
  3. Ensure everyone in the vehicle is safe, including yourself!
  4. Report your claim immediately to both the insurance provider and if possible the Mexican Authorities
  5. Take note of the details of your accident these are listed in detail below
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If You Have a Vehicle Accident in Mexico

If you have an incident try to remain calm.  Remember that you and other occupants of the vehicle are the most important. Have confidence that you are well protected by your Mexican vehicle insurance.

Remember to report your Mexican auto insurance claim immediately to ANA Seguros. Call them on 01-800-911-911-9 and if it is possible to the Mexican Authorities. Please keep your policy available at all times.

You will speak to a bilingual operator who will ask you the following information:

  • Driver Name
  • Policy Number
  • Vehicle Description (Make, Model, Color)
  • City, Municipality

In case of a highway accident, take note of:

  • Kilometer marked on highway
  • Highway Intersection
  • City or nearest town
  • Telephone number (If available)
  • Cause of loss
  • 3rd Party Vehicle description (If applicable)
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You will have a field adjuster assigned. They will, whenever possible, meet you at the accident site. They must have as much of the requested information as possible.

Your adjuster will need the following documents. Make sure you have them handy:

  • Policy Face
  • Drivers License
  • The adjuster will ask you to fill out form describing the cause of the accident. The driver must then sign the form.

Please be sure to get all the information about your claim. It will be of vital importance to follow-up your claim.

When making your Mexican Auto Insurance claim you will need your:

  • Claim Number
  • Location of the vehicle (If it’s needed to be towed away from accident site)
  • City, municipality of Accident
  • The adjuster’s name and telephone number (If available)

Before you leave the accident site, review with your adjuster the next steps. You must follow these steps to have your claim finalized.

Do not try to make any arrangements or to settle any matter with 3rd parties by yourself. Wait for the adjuster to arrive. He will intercede in your behalf with the 3rd parties involved and legal authorities. Your cooperation is very important; it is the adjuster’s job to help you.

Please note: Some mobiles brought from the USA or Canada may not have coverage by the carriers in Mexico. To report a claim or to request Legal Aid or Automobile Help, use a private phone or a public pay phone. Pay Phone Cards can be bought at almost all Gas Stations and Drug Stores.

Remember that you are in a foreign Country and the laws and regulations are different. We’ve got more essential information to keep you safe and secure on your trip, read our top tips for driving in Mexico.

Making your Mexican Auto Insurance Claim: Contact Details and Essential Information

Mexican Auto Insurance Claim Contact Info


The phone number to report a claim and dialing from Mexico is:


You must dial these numbers exactly as shown. Remember that mobiles phones from the USA or Canada may not have coverage by the carriers in Mexico.

If you find that your phone does not have coverage you can report your claim, request Legal Aid or Automobile Help, try and find a private or a public pay phone. You can buy a Pay Phone card from almost any Gas Station or Drug Store.

To follow up on your claim please call the below listed toll free numbers from The United States of America.

México City 1 888 335 70 72
Tijuana, B.C. 1 888 213 79 21


The Government of Mexico determines the Terms and Conditions of automobile insurance policies affording coverage for tourists in Mexico.

These Insurance Policies differ in many ways from policies issued in the USA or Canada.

In Mexico, a car accident is considered a felony. In some cases, the authorities may detain the driver as well as the vehicle.

If you have purchased your Mexican Auto Insurance there is no need to worry, you will be protected.

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Under Mexican law, motorists must have Mexican auto insurance to be considered fully covered for any damages done to a vehicle or passengers, even if you are not at fault.

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