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Why do you need Mexican Car Insurance?

Drivers are legally required to have at least liability insurance when driving in Mexico. This is Mexican law. So you must buy Mexican car insurance if you plan on driving your own vehicle into Mexico. If you have an accident you must have the means to settle any damages or injuries you may be responsible for. If you are in an accident and someone gets injured or killed, you may end up in jail, no matter whose “fault” it is.

Be sensible, get the right Mexican car insurance.

Buying your Mexican Car Insurance Online is Simple

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Why use XBorderAuto to provide the Vehicle Insurance for your Trip to Mexico?

Why you need Mexican Car Insurance

About XBorderAuto’s Mexican Car Insurance

XBorderAuto are a trusted broker of Mexican vehicle insurance. We will provide you with the comprehensive coverage you need to protect you and your vehicle.

We offer the Mexican vehicle insurance products of ANA Seguros. Who are a Mexican insurance company specializing in Mexican Car Insurance. They have more than 20 years of experience in insurance with specialized personnel. Their trained personnel provide 24-hour service, all year, with 43 service offices nationwide.

You can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Getting your Mexican Car Insurance

Purchasing your vehicle insurance for your trip to Mexico is simple with XBorderAuto. Enter your details and the duration of your trip into our easy to use online form. We will then generate a quote for you there and then.

Once you have your quote, you can select the type of cover you would like to buy. You must then complete the rest of the short form. On completion you will receive your policy document via email.

Ensure you keep a copy of your policy on you for the entire duration of your trip to Mexico. Get in touch if you have any questions about the policy or need help completing the online form. Email: info@xborderauto.com.

Not only do we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with great Mexican vehicle insurance online. We also offer the best travel tips for your trip to Mexico! Take a look at our blog for essential information for driving in Mexico. Our blog also shares the best travel destinations, top places to eat, the best beaches to visit in Mexico and tips to stay safe on your Mexican vacation.

Use XBorderAuto to find the best Mexican Insurance Online.

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Our online form is short and simple, you’ll get your free Mexican Car Insurance quote in no time at all! We are always happy to help. So, if you have any questions when completing the form get in touch: info@xborderauto.com.

Once you have a quote you can buy your policy online from us straight away. Remember to download and print your insurance document before driving to Mexico. Make sure to keep it somewhere accessible and safe for the duration of your trip.

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Why is Mexican Car Insurance Vital for Your Trip?

  1. Your US or Canadian Auto Insurance is not recognized by Mexican authorities. It is vital you have a minimum of Mexican liability cover that is underwritten by a Mexican carrier. If you have an accident while driving in Mexico the authorities will ask to see your Mexican vehicle insurance policy your driver’s licence and vehicle registration.
  2. If you have an accident and you do not have Mexican car insurance you could go to jail, have your car impounded and be severely penalized for violating Mexican law.
  3. Depending on which Mexican State you have an accident in you could be liable for more than $300,000 if there is a fatality.

Don’t Miss Out On An AMAZING Vacation

Don’t ruin the perfect Mexico vacation by spending it in jail…Get protected today. Simply complete our online form and you’ll have a quote in seconds!

Yes! That’s right you could end up in jail if you do not have the right Mexican Car Insurance!

You will miss out on some amazing experiences if you’re not covered…

  • Incredible Mexican beaches
  • Magical caves at Rio Secreto
  • Ancient Mayan ruins
  • The amazing eco-archaeological park of Xcaret
  • Historic chapels
  • Whale watching in Cabo San Lucas
  • Diving amongst huge angel fish and sea turtles at Palanca Reef
  • Watch the beautiful Monarch butterflies as the flock to the Reserva Mariposa Monarca
  • Experience Mexico City and some awesome Mariachi music at Salon Tenampa
  • Visit the wine country of Guadalupe Valley

Mexico has an abundance of activities, history and culture for you to experience. Not to mention the AMAZING food!!! Check out our travel tips area to discover our favorite attractions and essential information.

Remember: Get your Mexican Car Insurance before you drive to Mexico.

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What do I do if I’m involved in an Accident while in Mexico?

Mexican Car Insurance Claim Image

Essential Information if you Need to make a Mexican Car Insurance Claim

If you have a collision first check that everyone is safe. You must then report your traffic accident immediately.

Report your claim to ANA Seguros at 01-800-911-911-9. If it is possible you must also report it to the Mexican Authorities.

In case you get involved in an accident, please try to remain calm. Remember that you and other occupants of the vehicle are the most important. Stay calm. Have confidence that you are well protected by your Mexican Car insurance.

Please keep your policy available at all times. You will speak to a bilingual operator who will ask you essential information.


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